Friday, 7 February 2014

Party, Planning and Praying people turn up

So I'm 30 this year. Yeah, I know – how did that happen?

I was in two minds on what to do for it this year. Last years plan of beers at the flat, Corp and a Centretainment day hungover on the Sunday worked pretty well. Then again it's my 30th and that's a pretty big deal. So what do I do – go big or small?

My cousin pointed out that due to the very poor timing of getting Leukaemia weeks before it I didn't get to do anything for my 21st, and not celebrating the fact I've (as grim as this sounds) made it to 30 is a wasted opportunity.

So that was that – Friday 12th December – lets have a party.

I've got the Queens Social Club booked for 7pm, it's a pretty big room so feel free to bring a Plus One :) We'll have some music, food, drinks, more drinks and see where the night takes us.

There's a good mix of pre and post-chemo guests invited, some people who I've fallen out of touch with over the years so I'm hoping this is a good olive branch to get back into the friend-zone. I would love it if you could come, some people have only been to Sheffield when I was ill so let's have a better experience of the city :)

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