Friday, 12 September 2014

Gifts, Greedyness and Generally feeling uncomfortable

So I've been informed that some people want to know what sorts of gifts I'd like in December. I've put this off for a bit as I feel a bit weird saying "hey you, friend and/or family member over there! Buy me this! Or this!" But I guess it beats getting 20 pairs of socks or loads of booze...although that's not a bad call either.

Honestly I'll be happy with the company my nearest and dearest but for those of you who are looking for ideas for me I've put together a bit of a list. There's a lot of expensive stuff on there *cough*parents*cough*and I've broken down a gift or two as I would feel uncomfortable someone paying out so much on lil' old me. 

Click here for that list of things and judge me on how cheeky I am

The website is pretty straight forward (and one I would recommend to others!). Basically you just click 'reserve' on the thing you're after, select quantity if applicable and it takes it off the list. Then if it's something that can be bought online you get send to the website. Chances are you might find the gift cheaper somewhere else but I went for obvious places to keep those technophobes happy *cough*parentsagain*cough*. I won't be able to see who has bought what as the page I look at is different so no spoilers!

As I said I don't expect gifts from people, I'm more than happy spending time with y'all :) 

Any questions get in touch

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